Overton After Action Summary Reports

The Hexare Grenadiers head to Overton to provide relief to Fifteenth Dracon and Warrior House Ijori who grinding down the FedSun forces there, but need reinforcements.  The AFFS had taken up defensive parameter around a capitol city of Overton.  Our goal was to break through the screening forces and hit the city to oust the defenders.

1st Mission: The mercenary forces were dropped off some distance from the capital due to not having an good LZ near the city.  We were met by a veteran reinforced company screening force that was supported by 4 Musketeers and two Arrow IV launchers off map.  We had some Aerospace fighters deployed, but so did the Davions.  The quick and dirty of this scenario was we could not stop the Musketeers and they TAG’s and let homing Arrow IV missiles open holes and then pounded us with RAC5 shots.  Our ASF could not take out theirs, and we couldn’t get to the off-map artillery.  Luckily, we inflicted enough damage to force a mutual withdrawal and we were able to salvage our damaged ‘Mechs.

2nd Mission: Because we basically lost the first mission, the Davions were able to set up an ambush against us.  It was a “Line of Sight” mission.  LOS is basically extreme range firing rules.  You take a lot of penalties, but you can do things to boost your accuracy like careful aiming and bracing.  Anyway, since they won, they got better position on the map, more hills and such.  Also, they had some dug in two Thumpers, which were our first targets.  Our forces focused fired on the Thumpers and one or two of the more scary long range ‘Mechs.  The Thumpers didn’t do that much damage, but did land a scatter shot on one of my Falconers.  I messed up the GM’s careful aiming by waiting three turns (so he could get max -3 from careful aiming) and then jumping out of Line of Sight.  This was actually the turning point in the battle because he didn’t fire and we opened up.  So that’s a little trick about LOS games, if your opponent is careful aiming. Anyway, we won the day, and their forces withdrew and we pressed on to the Capitol (aka no salvage).

3rd Mission: We finally make it to the Capital and draw a section to clear.  Having dealt with artillery the past two games, one of your merc units gets 2 Demolisher Arrow IVs fit with 2 launchers each to reinforce a lance of Ti Ts’angs.  Additionally, I brought two units of Fa Shih with Light TAG.  It was a brutal fight, like most urban battles, but well timed Arrow IV strikes sealed our victory.  Unfortunately, my C3 lance was only partially constructed for this fight, but my Shadow Hawk and Wraith both had the network up and the Wraith’s jumping ability was great for sealing off escape route late in the game.

With the First Wave of Operation: Thunderstrike coming to a close, the CCAF reorganized the various House units and Merc into different Task Forces.  The Hexare Grenadiers were assigned to supplement Task Force: Light Horse alongside the Third MAC and the 1st and 2nd St. Ives Lancers.  However, the Hexare Grenadiers were to help liberate other planets along the TF: Light Horse’s attack vector and provide help should the main units of the Task Force need help.  With the 2nd Wave’s plans laid out, the Hexare Grenadiers get their orders, to head to Gei-Fu.

As usually feel free to comment.  Only one more catch up post and the detailed after action reports will start flowing!

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