Thunderstrike Begins: Glasgow

Our first assignment was to liberate the planet of Glasgow as part of Wave 1’s Prong Two attack corridor. I’m going to provide a brief, catch-up style summary of these missions, because they’ve happened long before I got the idea to start recording our games. However, moving forward, I’ll delve a little deeper into each mission. So here goes:

Background: Piotrowski’s Predators, along with the Warlock Fusiliers, Lords of the Night, and Shengli’s Armed Asset Protection were assigned to liberate the planet Glasgow. The combined forces of the mercenary units were to square off against the Davion forces defending Glasgow.

1st Mission: The initial engagement was a brief skirmish by the Davions to block the mercenary advance. The Predators drew the short end of the straw, and took up the anchor position in heavy cover to snipe at the advancing Davions as the other units flanked from the west. Lieutenant Piotrowski’s own Falconer was shot down after taking multiple barrages of the Davion company’s combined fire. However, the downed ‘Mech was crippled, but not destroyed, and it allowed the other merc units to complete the flanking maneuver. Casualties were heavy on both sides, but it was the mercenary coalition forces which held the field.

2nd Mission: After batting back the initial Davion attempt to repel the liberating forces, the mercenaries were assigned to cripple an enemy outpost in a heavily valley of Glasgow. The mercenary units advanced from cresting hill and took up sniping locations along the rocky hills. The lighter, more mobile lances from Warlock Fusiliers ransacked the base, causing massive infrastructural damage, and crippled the Davion command in the region. The mercenary coalition forces took little damage in the exchange, and vacated the base less reinforcements trap them plundering loot.

3rd Mission: The crippled Davion forces, without a repair facility, were tracked and cornered by the mercenary coalition forces. The mercenary units engaged the retreating Davions, attempting to cut them down as they fled. The mercenaries were successful in their bid to block the retreat, but suffered heavy damage including a crippled Awesome, Griffin, and Pillager. Fortunately, the mercenaries’ contracts allowed them first go of salvage rights, which won them the battered chassis of a Templar, a Devastator, a Marauder, and a Nightstar.

4th Mission: With the Davion’s resistance dwindling, the Capellans directed the mercenaries to meet the remaining Davion forces at what would be known to us as the “Rumble in the Jungle”. The deserted Davion forces took cover in densely packed vegetation to attempt a gorilla-insurgent style of combat to harry the liberating forces of Glasgow. Capellan agents discovered the location of this base, and the Hexare Grenadiers were sent to crush the remaining Davion forces.

With the key strategic targets destroyed or captured and the Davion forces depleted, the Hexare Grenadier forces were given orders to move on and let the Capellan house troops to mop up the remaining Davion forces on Glasgow.

After successfully liberating Glasgow, we were flush with salvage and C-Bills (EPs), expanding and upgrading; we were then assigned to help other forces in Prong Two’s corridor at Overton. Check out the continuation of our campaign in Operation: Thunderstrike in the next posting.

These missions occurred quite a while back and before I started chronicling our missions. If you have any comments feel free to post them up.

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