Settle the Frontier

The Oberon Confederation's Latest Endeavor

Explore the latest frontier with all the amenities of home!

Recent developments in reclamation and terraforming technologies, have enabled the Oberon Confederation to begin to reclaim many of the worlds long left abandoned by the former Rim Worlds Republic. Each new colony has it’s own unique advantages, and with new worlds being reclaimed every year, the options and opportunities are endless.

The Oberon Confederation continues to be one of the Periphery leaders in safety, self sufficiency, quality of life and industrial development. The Confederation government is committed to providing meaningful work, an abundance of goods and services, cost effective shelter, as well as high quality of life and protection for our population, without stifling the opportunities for entrepreneurship and trade. Leveraging the abundance of raw materials and trade opportunities, which are to be found within the expanding Confederation, the future looks very bright for our growing periphery nation.

With military service within the Armed Forces earning land grants within the new territories and the OCAF’s continued commitment to the elimination of piracy in the Coreward periphery, the safety and security of these newly reclaimed jewels of ancient times can be assured.

The newly constructed port of entry, customs, import, and immigrations depot, in orbit over the beautiful planet of Elissa, is designed to assist new immigrants during the entire selection and recolonization process. Additionally, temporary housing and vacation destinations are available during the immigration period. JumpShip and DropShip captains are also welcome to ply their merchant trade throughout the Oberon Confederation, allowing them to gain from the vast new trading opportunities the Confederation has created. The Oberon Confederation Department of Transportation and Shipping has offices at the orbital facility above Elissa to assist acquiring the proper permits, licenses, and trade route specifications.

If you wish to seek refuge from the wars in the Inner Sphere, explore the opportunity that awaits you and your family within the expanding Oberon Confederation. Apply for your entrance and recolonization application papers at the Oberon Confederation Elissa Port of Entry Station Today.

Take advantage of the early selections as the highest quality land parcels available now.

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