Lyran – Combine Front: May 3025


The Combine-Commonwealth front began to move somewhat in the DCMS’s favour after the previous month’s disaster for the LCAF on Kobe, a catastrophe the magnitude of which was only starting to become apparent. With troops from Kobe freed up, Combine forces began to drive deeper into the Commonwealth, but the LCAF wasn’t entirely idle, as sharp raids hit the Combine in several areas, with some serious repercussions, and yet another Combine commander on Tamar was “invited onward” for incompetence, with another commander on Severn joining him, calling the leadership of the entire Rasalhague Military District into question.  More so, Lyran attacks on the extreme coreward flank threatened to drive deep into Kirkbach, with apparently little there to stop them.

Lyran Commonwealth - Draconis Combine Front

WORLD:                      SEVERN

ATTACKER: 2nd Amphigean Light Assault Group, 2nd An-Ting Legion, Helmut’s Hermits, Lone Star Regiment, 1st Night Stalkers, 17th Rasalhague Regulars, 1st and 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre, 13th, 22nd, 36th and 42nd Rasalhague Armoured Brigades, 119th, 311th, 121st and 216th Draconis Aerospace Wings.

Arrival beginning of the month: 150th and 224th Draconis Aerospace Wings

DEFENDER: 8th Donegal Guards, 26th Lyran Guards RCT, Tamar Tigers, 280th Panzer Brigade-12th Panzer Division, 81st Loki, Severn Militia, Capital Defence Corps.

RESULTS: The beginning of April saw heavy fighting, with the reinforcement of the DCMS forces on world with additional air units. Using terrain to mask their advance, and led by the Lone Star Regiment, the DCMS brutally overran the 2nd Militia Division and the 261st Panzergrenadier Brigade, forcing their surrender two days later, as well as overrunning the bases of 1st Militia Air Wing.

An initial counterattack against the DCMS by the Tamar Tigers, supported by the 8th Aerospace Wing of the 26th Lyran Guards, ended in disaster, but it bought time for the rest of the 26th Lyran Guards to move up along the flank of the DCMS advance and hit it broadside, in a night assault some ten days into the advance. The attack cut off the Lone Star Regiment, as well as the 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre Mech and several aero units who had outrun the rest of the supporting regiments in the assault; with both units forced to surrender on the 15th.

The 28th DEST, who were “liaising” with the Lone Stars, were forced to flee, as the regiment attempted to disarm them as part of the surrender terms. The DCMS High Command has disavowed the Lone Star Regiment, referring to them as “typical Sell-Swords”. The surviving support elements of the 5th Sun Zhang have been ordered to paint their vehicles a flat grey and not to display their school colours until they have “expiated their guilt in blood”. The Lone Star air elements have been informed the DCMS will soon be cancelling their contract, as soon as the surviving elements of their regiment are released from custody. The overall commander on Severn, Tai-Sho Genda, was reportedly invited onwards as a result of the catastrophe. The rest of the month remained quiet as both sides licked their wounds.


WORLD:                      SUK II

ATTACKER: 276th Draconis Aerospace Wing, 51st Benjamin Armoured Brigade.

DEFENDER: Suk II Militia

RESULTS: After some desultory fighting at the beginning of the month, the militia was broken badly, with the surviving ground elements forced to surrender.


WORLD:                      TAMAR

ATTACKER: 1st Altenmarkt Militia, Dragon’s Claws, 2nd Night Stalkers, 8th Rasalhague Regulars, St Cyr Heavy Assault Group, 11th, 12th, 18th and 20th Heavy Assault Squadrons, 158th, 191st, 269th and 288th Draconis Aerospace Wings, 6th DEST

DEFENDER: 151st Aerospace Wing-3rd Regiment, 153rd and 221st Panzer Brigades-12th Panzer Division, 1st and 24th Arcturan Guards, Tamar War College Training Battalion, 13th Lohengrin, Tamar Militia

RESULTS: The slow pace of the DCMS advance this month, coupled with the unopposed reinforcement of the world by the LCAF, was enough for the commander of the Dragon’s Claws to petition Luthien to invite the commander of the DCMS forces on Tamar onward for “excessive timidity in the face of the enemy.” The request was granted by month’s end and Tamar soon became a world no Tai-Sa wanted to assume responsibility for, as it had a tendency to kill careers.

WORLD:                      CUSSET

ATTACKER: 9th Rasalhague Regulars, Tooth of Ymir, 57th Rasalhague Armoured Brigade.

DEFENDER: Waco’s Rangers, Cusset Militia

RESULTS: The DCMS forces on world batted the Rangers and the militia around like cat toys, always stopping short of the finishing blow, for reasons unknown to the defenders. The air elements of the Rangers were overrun and forced to surrender, causing Wayne Waco to send an HPG message to Tharkad, requesting permission to withdraw as the situation in his words was “…beginning to resemble Travis at the Alamo.


WORLD:                      SHAULA

ATTACKER: 3rd and 9th Pesht Regulars, 99th Draconis Aerospace Wing

DEFENDER: 1st Lyran Guards RCT (Mech Regiment, 12th Panzergrenadier Brigade and 1st Aerospace Wing), Hansen’s Roughriders, 100th and 143rd Panzer Brigades, Shaula Militia.

RESULTS: Events began disastrously for the LCAF units recovering on-world, as both the 3rd and 9th Pesht dropped right on top of the surviving elements of the 1st Lyran Guards. The 33rd Aerospace Wing was crushed before it could get off the ground and forced to surrender and the other elements of the 1st on-world were put to flight, only saved by the efforts of a badly mauled Hansen’s Roughriders.


WORLD:                      MAETSU

ATTACKER: 13th and 20th Rasalhague Regulars, 127th Draconis Aerospace Wing

DEFENDER: 23rd and 25th Arcturan Guards, 2nd Arcturan Guards Conventional Brigade, 295th Panzer Brigade, Maestu Militia

RESULTS: As on Shaula, the DCMS forces dropped right on top of the 25th and 2nd Arcturan Guards elements, forcing their surrender within hours. The 23rd, attempting to get them out of the ring of Kuritan steel, was sent back reeling, by the end of the month, the DCMS forces looked as if they were going to take Maestu.

WORLD:                      LAURENT

ATTACKER: 15th Benjamin Regulars, 22nd Rasalhague Regulars, 118th Rasalhague Armoured Brigade, 137th Draconis Aerospace Wing

DEFENDER: 1st Lyran Regulars RCT (only 12th Panzergrenadier and 1st Aerospace), Laurent Militia

RESULTS: Things remained quiet on Laurent, with only some minor skirmishing as both sides settled in for a long campaign.


WORLD:                      VERTHANDI

ATTACKER: 4th Donegal Guards

DEFENDER: 7th Rasalhague Armoured Brigade, Verthandi Militia

RESULTS: In a swift ten day campaign, the 4th Donegal Guards crushed all resistance and secured the surrender of all defending forces on-world.


WORLD:                      MARFIK

ATTACKER: 12th Star Guard (all four Regiments), 44th Lohengrin

DEFENDER: 11th Legion of Vega, 282nd Draconis Aerospace Wing, Marfik Militia

RESULTS: The 12th Star Guard didn’t quite give as good as they got against an unexpectedly motivated 11th Legion of Vega that performed well at the long end of 4-1 odds, their air component was hurt somewhat, however and by the end of the month, it could be said that honours were about even.

WORLD:                      KO

ATTACKER: 6th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT

DEFENDER: 22nd Dieron Regulars, Ko Militia

RESULTS: As with the 12th Star Guard on Marfik, the 22nd held up well, though their air elements suffered badly. Both sides came out the end of the month about even.

WORLD:                      ALBERIO

ATTACKER: Blacknovas, 12th Loki

DEFENDER: 8th DEST, 5th Pesht Armoured Brigade, Alberio Militia

RESULTS: With AC/DC blaring across the comm channels, the Blacknovas executed an avalanche drop right on top of the 5th Pesht’s barracks, killing almost a battalion’s worth of vehicles before the unit could manage to get out and mount some sort of resistance to the rampaging Blacknovas. However, the ‘Novas didn’t get away scott-free, losing a company’s worth of Mechs in the three day rampage.

All in all, the Blacknovas took 1 Transport Group, 4 Heavy Mechs, 3 Heavy Tanks, 5 Medium Tanks and 4 Light Tanks, leaving a rude note about the Coordinator’s sexual prowess taped to the barrel of the last tank in the depot.

WORLD:                      ATRIA

ATTACKER: Cranston’s Snords Irregulars

DEFENDER: Atria Militia

RESULTS: The size of the Atria militia was an unpleasant surprise for the Irregulars, but where a lesser command might have failed, the Snords found an ancient Star League series of ‘Mech sized tunnels (their purpose unknown) that led to the planetary storehouses, which the Irregulars looted as much ($4 in finished industrial goods) as they could before the militia responded in strength.

WORLD:                      NEW CALADONIA

ATTACKER: 1st Regiment, Winfield’s Brigade

DEFENDER: New Caledonia Militia

RESULTS: The size of New Caledonia’s militia was somewhat larger than normal, but such was the risk when hitting industrialized worlds. Winfield’s Brigade did as well as could be expected, shouldering aside the militia for the loss of a lance of Mechs and a pair of fighters, they looted an outlying industrial district for $3 worth of industrial goods. (Almost half of the available goods on planet).


  1. I do not envy the Draconis Boss. Losses are mounting even if overall the campaign goes well. But without the “Big Points” soon, aka Tamar and Marduk, this cannot be good. A Drac loyal. Go Dracs!

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