Who is Responsible?

Following several bomb attacks on civilian and military buildings all across the Taurian Concordat, riots have erupted on several additional worlds, where rioters are calling for a halt to these attacks, or for a more active policy against the Federated Suns (which is believed to be behind theses attacks).

At the same time, reports from the front, received by different news agencies all across the Inner Sphere, have stated that several units of the TDF had gone rogue and attacked Davion worlds without orders, or were heading towards the capital world of Taurus in what is rapidly appearing like a military coup.

What is the truth behind all these rumours?

The TDF consists of three parts: one fighting the pirates in the Periphery, one on the borders (mostly with the Federated Suns) and one in reserve.  All of the rogue units are coming from the Border Corps, where the anger against those “…Sunny Boy FedRats…” is the greatest, as many former Taurian worlds are just on the other side of the border.

When you add the strange attacks of last year to the current situation, as well as the attendant ComStar investigation team and the anti Davion propaganda which is flourishing on the border worlds, you can see that someone might be playing with the nerves and mental state of the Border Corps. So who is really behind these strikes?

  • The Taurian Concordat itself? Rather unlikely, as the Concordat is busy involving itself in the Periphery Guards Program, fighting against Pirates and colonising new worlds;
  • The Federated Suns? The two fronts war is more than enough for them;
  • ComStar?  This order is not foreign to shadow moves and acting as necessary, but attempts to remain strictly neutral; or
  • Local lords?  This is a rather interesting theory, as local lords would be the winners of a chaotic situation on both sides of the border.  However, the type and scale of the “war” going on would mean that several of Lords, both FedRat and Taurian, have become allies in order to improve their situation at the expense of both realms, a situation unheard of before.

So, should we all be worried about a new front opening soon?  The answer is clearly no: as the Taurian Concordat might be on the verge of a civil war and even if it wasn’t, the Concordat needs peace more than any other power; the attacks on the former Taurian worlds appear to be orchestrated by rogue units, without support.  Militia and other local units should be more than able to deal with them, with the exception of Merlin.  However for Merlin, we know that a “peace” treaty has been signed governing the world by New Avalon and Taurus, with the two States agreeing that Merlin should go back in the Federated Suns rather soon.

So in the end, it remains unclear who is responsible for these ongoing attacks, but that they seem to be increasing and continuing to destabilise an already volatile region.

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