Mercenary Updates: May 3025

May saw some interesting developments in the mercenary market, as several old commands suffered in the ongoing fighting and new commands continued to form amidst the chaos.

The Condottieri

Made up of survivors from the Thumpers, Morioshi’s Independent Assault Battalion and even a few breakaways from both Hansen’s Roughriders and The Lone Star Regiment, the Condottieri are determined to see what opportunities lie in the Periphery. None of the unit’s members are at all enthusiastic about employment in the Inner Sphere, so long as the war continues. Led by former Lone Star Regiment Captain Dan Hessel, the Condottieri would like to ideally sign on with one of the big four Periphery realms: Canopus; Oberon; Taurus; or the Outworlds and sit out the remainder of what they consider unchecked madness. The unit’s colour scheme is a base yellow, with other colors added as a sort of living heraldry by the MechWarrior or pilot, as he or she chooses to commemorate a battle or personal achievement.

188th Guards Independent Mech Regiment

A unit formed by eccentrics on Odessa, the 188th is the result of a well-off society of ancient Soviet re-enactors deciding to form a mercenary unit. The word soon got around the community that the unit was forming, and all sorts of “enterprising” gentle people flocked to the unit’s banner.  The unit pays lip service to the communist ideal, but they do put on a good show, much to the chagrin of the Red Guard and the 4th Donegal Guards. They are organized as closely to a Soviet Tank Regiment (attached to a Motor Rifle Division) of the 1980s, the “independent” label added because a) they don’t belong to any higher structure and b) it sounded better. The unit’s scheme is a flat dull green, livened by white edging for parades.

Lone Star Regiment

Sent to Severn in February by the DCMS, April was a dark month for the Lone Star Regiment. An initial counterattack against the DCMS by the Tamar Tigers, supported by the 8th Aerospace Wing of the 26th Lyran Guards, ended in disaster, but it bought time for the rest of the 26th Lyran Guards to move up along the flank of the DCMS advance and hit it broadside, in a night assault some ten days into the advance. The attack cut off the Lone Star Regiment, as well as the 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre Mech and several aero units who had outrun the rest of the supporting regiments in the assault; with both units forced to surrender on the 15th.

The 28th DEST, who were “liaising” with the Lone Stars, were forced to flee, as the regiment attempted to disarm them as part of the surrender terms. The DCMS High Command has disavowed the Lone Star Regiment, referring to them as “typical Sell-Swords”.  The Lone Star air elements have been informed the DCMS will soon be cancelling their contract, as soon as the surviving elements of their regiment are released from custody.  The mercenaries were forced to give up 18 Mechs to ransom thier prisoners, leaving the unit a barely Battalion strength and kicked out of the Combine.

Moroushi’s Independent Assault Battalion

MIAB Signed on with the Marians in October 3023 and were assigned to Alphard as the reserve garrison whilst the war against the ORCA powers raged. Forced to leave Marian service in September 3024, due to the provisions of the peace treaty MIAB signed with the CCAF in October 3024 and was assigned to St.Ives. The unit joined the assault on Weepakung in January 3024 where light losses in combat against the 7th Crucis Lancers were suffered before the world fell in February and the unit was reassigned to the huge battle on Beid.

MIAB saw heavy fighting on Beid and losses suffered there were largely made good by the CCAF in February and March. However, during April 3025  the Capellans began to launch local counterattacks to drive the Davions back to their start lines and they were, for the most part, successful, but Moroushi’s Battalion blundered into an ambush led by the 1st Federated Suns Armoured Cavalry, which destroyed the battalion to a man.

Mobile Fire

The critical financial situation of Mobile Fire came to a head in April as the unit’s funds finally failed.  although some planned to join other units as the unit fell, many elected to stay with the Lyran Commonwealth, as they had long served the Steiners and had many family connections with local systems.Now re-designated the 2nd Lyran Regulars, there is talk that the old Mobile Fire will form the core of a new RCT, where their skill in combined arms will be utilised to the fullest.

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