Arbitration Gencon 2012 – Day 2

Arbitration Studio’s GenCon Day 2 Podcast

This time on Arbitration we discuss our favorite GenCon Convention Costumes on the Citadel, and how this is the greatest Con for JP EVER! Then we talk Intersteller Expeditions, MechWarrior Tactics, and the future of Battletech.  Finally we’ll cover Rastafarians, Boomerangs and Boobies in the Arbitration News Desk.

Don’t forget, we have updated our  GenCon 2012 Gallery. Check out the Pics

All in the GenCon Day 2 PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech

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Arbitration Gencon 2012 - Day 2


  1. Wait. Arbiter = Jerkweed? I would have never guessed. 😛

    That bassline was funky. I’m proud to be a Blakist, dunno about you guys. See? I’m not going away anytime soon.


    And, I GIVE MY LIFE FOR THE THE ELYSIAN REPUBLIC! Or, at least a whole bunch of time thinking, researching, writing, and editing.


    Many thank yous to JP for asking my question, and to Herb for allowing it. 😀

    ….and the troubles start melting away….

    Falcon Shmalcon.

    Fairness is anticapitalist. Ever read Marx’s Value, Price, and Profit? We are all prostitutes.

    Great show guys. I’m glad you had fun.

  2. Hello, I realize I’m commenting on this podcast late.

    Around the 15 minute mark you mention how FM:SLDF is dull, and forgive me saying so, but it shouldn’t matter that the SLDF “had no battles under their belt.” Sourcebooks are supposed to focus less on the battle itself and more on who, why, and the consequences thereof. What makes a combat interesting to read isn’t whether the SLDF deployed nukes or battleships or birthday cakes, it’s the context surrounding the event, the stakes and the tension and the clash of wills. You shouldn’t even need a battle to get an army involved in conflict and violence. Brinksmanship and peacekeeping are half the reason the SLDF exists, yeah? Especially in the politically charged atmosphere of 2750.

    But, unlike basically all other Field Manuals ever, FM:SLDF isn’t restricted to a period of 8-10 years. If the writers really wanted bloodshed they could have drawn on 200 years of activity: blood feuds, hostile locals, unstable planetary governments, gone back to the Reunification War, jumped ahead to the Amaris Coup or looked at how the Houses tried to part the SLDF out afterwards. (Granted, I’ve only read the book’s preview, so I don’t know for sure that it *doesn’t* do any of those things.)

    It sounds like the writers went into this Field Manual expecting it to be boring. So why spend two pages on each military group? Why make it 250 pages long instead of 150? It’s like they wanted the book to *exist* but weren’t entirely sure about what it should *be*.

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