Arbitration October 2012 Special PodCast: Wings Over Somerset

Our BattleTechArbitration StudiosArbitration October 2012 Special PodCast: Wings Over Somerset

Arbitration October 2012 Special: Wings Over Somerset

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Orson Wells War of the Worlds those of us at Arbitration Studios are proud to present a rough cut of our upcoming radio drama Wings over Somerset.

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7 comments to “Arbitration October 2012 Special PodCast: Wings Over Somerset”

  1. I chose “Oh Canada!” as homage to the supposedly Canadian Heritage of House Cameron.

    it does make a nice contrast that the Clans would revere all things Canadian

  2. Not bad. Look forward to hearing it unfold. How long a series are you anticipating?

  3. Series? this was a one shot thing. I am contemplating cleaning it up, rerecording a few voices, and finding better sound effects, but this is not going to be a full series.

  4. WTH it was Nicholai Malthus who issued the batchall. How dare you desecrate his memory surat!

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