Arbitration Podcast – July 2012

Arbitration Studio’s July 2012 BattleTech Podcast

This month on Arbitration Mrs Arbiter and JP talk about the latest new addition to the Year of the Star League:  Field Manual SLDF. Then it is more Ironwind Metals Convention Exclusives, and a sneak peak at Mechwarrior Online. We also spend a little time discussing what you can expect from Arbitration for the month of August 2012 and GenCon 2012!
All in this month’s PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech
Be sure to check out our August PodCasts coming soon. We will be broadcasting daily from GenCon 2012.
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Arbitration Podcast - July 2012


  1. I miss you guys too. And yes, Brent Evans is a magnificent artist and a great guy.


    As fout ballistic weapons not counting in mechwarrior games, I feel that you’re mistaken. Load a Daishi on mechwarrior 4 up with clan ultra 5s. It’s scary.

    Z-O-Who again?

    Flat branch is in Columbia! You’re talking Rock Bottom!

    Calling Infernus’ wife Harley is not Arbitrary. It is fact.

    You guys are going to have a blast.

    Aww, I’m glad I’m irreplaceable.

    It WAS LineCon! But I had an epic conversation with some french people. And restraining the life-size Victor Davion was entertaining, too.

    BLR-1GB – You proved your point most effectively last year.

    Starscream – Hmm. Nope.

    Mongoose – That could be interesting. “The Mongoose says large laser goes here!” But you will have to narrate everything that the Mongoose does.

    Hammerhands – JP, we have a saying that Some things must be done on principle. A 5D would be cool.

    Gauss Jagermech – Could be interesting.

    JP, My vote is a toss-up between the Hammerhands and the Mongoose. So long as the hammerhands is painted gunmetal gray with a smiley face on the back and the acronym “H.A.N.D” over it. Have a Nice day, because you have received Dakka. If you do the Mongoose – you must narrate. If you get paired up with Randall Bills, go for the Mongoose, just to give him a reminder of what happened last year.

    Mrs. Arbiter, I cannot believe that you would ask such a question as to the craziest light mech, given our time cohosting this show. It is my humble opinion as errant co-host that you should pilot a joker model Jackrabbit. Painted like the Joker. Or, for sheer insanity’s sake, a regular jackrabbit. just run around and pop people with the AC2. But what do I care? I already have a shirt. I’ll vote for anyone who says Jackrabbit or what gave Randall Bills a massive headache last year.

    Those are my five cents. California’s expensive.

  2. I think I enjoy High Test’s comments almost as much, or as much as the PodCast. For real.

  3. Knightmare,

    My good sir, I am most honoured by your most lovely compliment. Many thanks, Good sir.

    – High-Test

  4. High-Test, just fro reference it was a Scarabus that gave Randall Bills a headache last year, and he was rocking a banshee if I recall.

    the story of developers being given headaches the year before was the lovely Tara Bills facing down a MAD-6L Marauder. between the twin plasma rifles heating her mech up and Stealth armor making her unable to hit with what she COULD shoot with, she pulled up the record sheet and said “Randall Retcon this mech from existence!”

  5. Listened to the podcast. I keep missing this as I forget to check for updates. May I suggest an iTunes feed? Then I’d be guaranteed to catch them all.

    For Mrs Arbiter I would recommend the Locust 2c, any of the original 3055 versions, I wrote them, which I realise is self serving, but it’s a fun, fast little fighter.

    1. Mrs. Arbiter may I suggest the Morrigan? It is an amazing light ‘Mech. Good speed, good damage, and it just plain looks cool.
      Or the LRM5 equipped Locust. I hate that ‘Mech.

      To the Arbitration Crew: Keep up the great work!!

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