Arbitration PodCast – December 2012

Arbitration Studio’s December 2012 BattleTech Podcast – End of Year Roundup

On this episode of Arbitration we’re talking about the past year of BattleTech, the ups, the downs and the in between. We’ll take a stab new things to come and ponder about the future of BattleTech in 2013. Plus in the News Desk, cranky old Texans, crazy software Engineers and sleazy journalists. Arbitration Studios would also like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday, a happy healthy New Year, and a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight!

All in this month’s PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech
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Arbitration PodCast - December 2012


  1. This was fun. A nice year all around. I’m looking forward to what Arbitration brings to my hammer, anvil and stirrup in 2013. Having Arbitration on iTunes ought to help!


  2. Slight nitpick: My blog is “One World at a Time.” Much as I like the Word, it’s not the be-all-end-all of my writing. 😉

    Otherwise, good ‘cast, as usual. Thanks for the kudos on Total Chaos!

  3. as much as I love Whisky on cold nights, I can only blame tongue getting tied.

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