Arbitration Podcast – January/February 2013

BattleTech: Experimental Technical Readout Boondoggles

Arbitration Studio’s January & February 2013 BattleTech Podcast – Starting 13 off Right!

On this episode of Arbitration we’re talking Technical Readout Vehicle Annex, XTRO Boondoggles, the Objectives and new BattleTech product announcements.  We’re also gonna talk at length about Iron Wind Metals Kickstarter Endeavor – the Celestial LAMs!  Then it is onto  the news desk, Chinese Alien knock-off “Lasers” and Racy Senior High School Pictures. (Click the Link People!)

All in this month’s PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech
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Arbitration Podcast - January/February 2013


  1. I disagree with your views on Vehicle Annex – the book is a fantastic supplement for A Time of War RPG game.

    IMO Sports Sedans and civilian VTOLs flesh out the universe beyond the weapons of war, and adds another layer of richness to the game we all know and love.

  2. Author

    of course, you have a point there, when a player focuses on the tactical board game, such as myself, sometimes layers of detail can seem superfluous.

    sales numbers speak for themselves though, and in a penny pinching small business like Catalyst, rereleasing the worst selling TRO of all time was a significant risk.

    1. Where did you see the sales numbers?

      That said, I still believe a company should take risks like Vehicle Annex. Even if the product tanks with mainstream players it’s still out there for players to use. It certainly offers a level of detail the writers find helpful.

  3. TRO:VA was not the worst selling TRO produced. That honor belongs to a different TRO.

    1. Will acknowledge that error in the next show. thank you.

  4. what i would like to know is when is the new tech readout i,e 3145 is being released and what sort of battlemechs it will feature

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