Arbitration PodCast — April 2014 — The Rainy Day Edition

Arbitration Studio’s April 2014 BattleTech Podcast

This month on Arbitration we talk Wars of the Republic, new XTROs and the Dark Age…oh my! In our Middle Segment, the Arbiter and YingJansi talk about the rumblings that have infected the BattleTech forums regarding a potential reboot of BattleTech. Finally, we’ll wrap the show up with a talk about things you can tip, and life after death in the Arbitration News Desk.

Oh, and High-Test came back.

All in this and listener emails on this month’s PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech

Chatterweb BattleTech Podcast
The Chatterweb: A BattleTech Podcast
Arbitration PodCast — April 2014 — The Rainy Day Edition


    1. and I have had to replace five keyboards and an ipad screen hitting refresh to see if any ofthose are available for sale!

  1. Is anyone else having problems DLing this? I have tried over two dozen times, via two different browser AND Itunes, and the best I can get is about two thirds of it DLed, but most of the time, I’m getting anywhere between a tenth and a third of the program.



    1. I’m working on fixing the problem. The file is fine, but the plugin is acting up. I’ll make the file available for download by itself.

  2. I still think you should devote a second segment to discussing the fiction…I really want to hear the opinion of the current state of fiction…..


  3. While listening to your discussion of a possible reboot, I was thinking that if a reboot included new construction rules and gameplay changes, then this would allow catalyst to create truly new mech designs without having to rely on technology creep. At this point, there are only so many different mechs from 30-100 tons that you can design. Currently, about the only way to create a truly new design within those tonnage limits is for Catalyst to create a new tech or weapon system. Just a thought I had.

    1. That was the route Herb Beas wanted to go , and fans went apeshit over the few hints that were dropped. Will have more thoughts on this when we record the next show in a weeks time.

  4. I tried listening to it on my phone both via the plugin and the download link (which brings up a QuickTime window). But in both cases I seem to only get 3-4 minutes before it resets to the beginning, plays another few minutes, and resets again. Suggestions?

    1. I’ve been looking into the problem, but I’ve having an issue replicating the error. I’ll see if I can make some cache tweaks so the file buffers differently when accessed by mobile devices.

  5. Ok, I’ve changed the player and tweaked the file caching. I’m listening to the file in a separate window, and I’ve downloaded the MP3 without issue. I have the file streaming over my phone and I’m about 6 minutes in without issues. Although I haven’t attempted a phone download yet…

    1. Ugh…mobile fail. It’s definitely the caching. On it.

      1. Awesome, thanks for checking into it. I’ll give it a shot again later today.

  6. FINALLY, I managd to DL the entire podcast……Good to hear the complete show!


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