Arbitration PodCast—May 2015—Beeferno 2!

So, with Catalyst taking a smoke break this month JPArbiter, MrsArbiter and Chinese Ninja Ying Jansi discuss upcoming releases and BattleTech wish lists.  Then, JPArbiter gets real and recent in his “Classic” BattleTech Review before we encounter the usual stuff about Florida, nudity and BEES!All of this and listener mail on Arbitration, Your Last Word in BattleTech Talk!
And for those interested, here’s a preview of Mrs Arbiters costume work for BWC Films!


PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech

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The Chatterweb: A BattleTech Podcast
Arbitration PodCast—May 2015—Beeferno 2!


  1. When will this latest podcast be available on iTunes? They make great listening on my phone during my drives home from work. :)

  2. Author

    Click the itunes icon on the right to find out, it is really up to them

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