Andrion Decides

Little Andrion, long a member of the Circinus Federation, was annexed in 3023 by the Lyran Commonwealth, following a particularly devastating series of raids by the Federation into Lyran space.

The people of Circinus were not pleased with such and outcome and were able to negotiate the Lyrans into holding a referendum on the planet’s future.  For the last year, the Lyran Commonwealth’s garrison force has been keeping the peace whilst the elections were prepared for.

this month, 98% of Andrion’s population turned out to vote in the election, policed by the LCAF, something that many observers saw as an undue influence, especially those from the Free Worlds League.  Nevertheless, voting was held and the people of Andrion caste their ballots across the six options presented.

The options for the voters consisted of re-joining Circinus, becoming a Circinian or Lyran “protectorate”, joining the Commonwealth officially, being a shared world or going independent.  Many expected a quick victory for the Circinian party and early results looked promising for them.

However, following the second preference round of voting, the option for becoming a Lyran Protectorate surged, with the third round of voting confirming this as the overall preference of the people of Andrion.  So what does this mean?  Andrion stays part of the Lyran Commonwealth, but all LCAF forces must move off world and stay off world.

So far no comment has been received from any official source, due too the very recent release of the results, but reactions are expected to come in soon.

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