Arbitration Gencon 2014: History Repeating Part 1

Arbitration Returns to its Roots at Gencon 2014!

For the first of our two GenCon special shows we’ll tackle the ever important “What’s up with Catalyst” Panel, new Catalyst Game Labs products (hopefully) coming down the pipeline, investigate the new BattleTech Alpha Strike Lance Packs, and the Ares Superheavy Tripod miniature from Iron Wind Metals. Then we will review Hopless fans, uses for Justin Beiber and how not to run a gaming convention during the Arbitration News Desk.

All of this and listener emails for GenCon 2014 on Arbitration, Your Last Word in Battletech Talk.

(Featured image by Dak)

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Arbitration Gencon 2014: History Repeating Part 1


  1. I’m betting you won’t see HBHK until December at the earliest. Some people on that panel have pipe dream visions, and not reality.

  2. I claim no responsibility for the optimism of developers and publishers, I just report on what was said. one of the panelist later said principle writing for IlClan was done, something knightmare corrected (unless there is some sort of nuance behind principle writing)

    1. It’s about 90% finished at the moment, but it’s missing some some key stuff. Among other bits (which I won’t get into) the book is missing a big part of the rules.

  3. :00 – intro song
    3:01 – introduction
    4:20 – new GenCon travel advice
    13:01 – cosplay report
    20:10 – What’s Up With Catalyst
    30:39 – What’s Up With BattleTech
    37:34 – novels
    41:07 – product reviews
    55:44 – listener mail
    1:02:13 – newsdesk
    1:14:07 – closing & teaser

    Random thoughts:
    -Love the intro song!
    -3rd edition minis aren’t the ones to beat (ask someone about the two-piece Marauder), it’s the 2e CityTech plastics
    -It seems like a bad idea to split interstellar ops into two Core Rulebooks, guess it depends on how well Strategic Ops sold
    -I remain cautiously pessimistic about Historical:Succession Wars, but then again, I’m not the target audience
    -They made Pollyea a pilot? cool!
    -Looking forward to retro & fiction reviews

  4. The Intro song we made special for Gencon (we tend to do special stuff for each con show, to varrying degrees of success) is a cut up rendition of The Megas “History Repeating” Parts 1 and 2 for times sake (combined song is like 7 minutes) you can check out this awesome band at and buy their albums from either iTunes or Bandcamp.

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