Arbitration PodCast — July 2014

Arbitration Studio’s July 2014 BattleTech Podcast

This month on Arbitration, JP and the Mrs discuss GenCon 2014 plans and the Alpha Strike Companion—including different ways to play game scenarios in Alpha Strike. Later we’ll tackle the Arbitration News Desk, talk Blackest of Blacks and Dice Shaming.

All in this and listener emails on this month’s PodCast from Arbitration Studios – the last word in BattleTech

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Arbitration PodCast — July 2014

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  1. It was a pleasure listening to the podcast, as always.

    Thank you, your discussion did clarify things, though it seems very odd to claim “every era is supported” when you’re constantly pushing to have those eras retconned into a form Catalyst finds easier to support… Leaving the rest of it aside, would I be correct in thinking your main objection to the “mad max feel” is that you feel it’s incompatible with big, aggressive armies with high attrition?

    At 39:26 you say that the people advocating a reboot/relaunch are more interested in the plot of the Succession Wars than they are with the era’s accessibility. Are you referring to the 3250 relaunch, or a different “reboot?” Because the only thing I’ve heard about 3250’s intended “reboot” is that it would have a smaller set of standard weapons–I don’t see how that would appeal to anyone *except* those who are put off by tech creep and design/rule saturation.

    Finally, going back to Mike Winne’s question: what do you think of doing a time jump to 3250 and then, instead of merely adding a new Tech Base, just completely revamping the construction rules? (I’m mildly against it, personally, just curious as to your thoughts.)

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