Arbitration Gencon 2014: History Repeating Part 2

Arbitration Returns to its Roots at Gencon 2014!

For our second Gencon Episode, JP and MrsArbiter continue to discuss “What’s up with Catalyst Game Labs?” Panel, the trouble with BattleTech Fiction and Wining and Dining around Indianapolis. Then we’ll reminisce about playing with the BattleTech Masters. We’ll end this special with our thank yous and goodbyes before returning to our regular Arbitration programming.

All of this and listener emails for GenCon 2014 on Arbitration, Your Last Word in Battletech Talk.

(Featured image by Dak)

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Arbitration Gencon 2014: History Repeating Part 2


  1. There seems to be some sort of error in slow playback. The podcast works fine, but it takes a few seconds to get started. Otherwise, great work!

  2. ilClan is not completely written…

  3. I only report on what was said…

    As far as any errors, I encountered a massive kerfuffle in editing, which meant I had to disassemble the entire podcast (which is made up of several audio clips) and reassemble it in proper order, process took a couple of days and apparently I did not get it quite right… my apologies.

    I will go back to the drawing board and see if I can make this show better… if I can’t I don’t know what else I can do.

    1. I’m not seeing any podcast errors. I was talking strictly about the software. There’s this serious load delay that I’m trying to fix.

  4. already I can see I am missing the very first audio clip so I gotta find that… if I can.

      1. Damn it all! part of me just want’s to scratch this and re record…

  5. Thumbs Up!

    P.S. It’s actually pronounced “Winnie”; as in “Winnie the Pooh.” And yes, you can bet the similarity was not lost on some of my less sophisticated classmates in grade school. Bless my wife, she still took my name.

  6. :00 – introduction
    :32 – more on Jarl & The Duke
    2:56 – Leviathans
    7:50 – Shadowrun
    12:35 – What’s Up Q&A
    22:04 – novel “timeline” problem
    31:12 – more cosplay report
    39:06 – (dead air)
    41:54 – thank you’s
    43:46 – restaurants
    56:10 – Masters & Minions game
    1:05:29 – closing & teaser

    Random thoughts…
    -Those “novel” timeline divisions sound more practical than the official “eras.” And however much the writers might want to dabble in past eras, I prefer FASA’s policy of only revisiting past elements via incorporation into the timeline’s present.
    -I must rewatch hellsing abridged
    -With regard to spicy stuff, I’ve found that A1 steak sauce works better than milk for cooling the mouth

  7. Like I said… MOSTLY listenable.

    I tried to go in and correct this and the file got corrupted, something to do with using a few audio loops that were not quite compatable with the newest version of Garage Band… I should have never of upgraded it.

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