Arbitration PodCast — October 2014 AU Two Blues

Arbitration Studio’s October 2014 BattleTech Podcast

This month on Arbitration we look at a Kickstart fulfilled, how MWO became a “thing” for us again, and a look at Clan Burrock (who knew!) This episode we’ll resume our discussion on AU Development Theory. After that, we’ll dive into the Abritration News Desk with Beer stolen in Florida (again Knightmare will be offended) and a Polar Bears terrorizing Canada.

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Arbitration PodCast — October 2014 AU Two Blues


  1. :00 – intro
    2:12 – IWM kickstarter LAMs
    5:24 – new Catalyst releases
    18:07 – MechWarrior Online
    24:13 – alternate universes (part 2)
    45:04 – review: Tales of the Black Widow Company
    49:40 – show notes
    51:18 – news desk
    1:03:23 – listener mail

    I enjoy listening, and thank you for the response! I’m okay with people crowing when they achieve something clever or labor-intensive, and I don’t think the official content is so perfect that fans can never improve on it, but I do agree with you about the attitude. I find it easier to shrug off when it comes from random fans and harder to shrug off when it comes from people associated with the company.

    I’m surprised you checked out a Mad Max book! Gonna review more?

  2. for however long I decide to do these old school reviews, I will touch on all eras.

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