February 2016 — The Legends have Returned!

On this slightly abridged edition of Arbitration, we talk about the new BattleTech Micro-Product line, new ’Mech miniatures and the return of some very old friends. In our final segment we’ll cover the Catalyst Game Labs vs. Harebrained Schemes Battle of the Beards, as well as the latest ’Mech Pack offerings from MechWarrior Online.

All of this, plus the Arbitration News Desk! Arbitration, your last word in BattleTech talk!

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February 2016 — The Legends have Returned!


  1. I’m interested and eager to hear what you have to say about attitudes in the Battletech community, did you say this will be part of the next episode?

  2. Awesome! I’ve been behind on my BattleTech; I have to get get me 3-4 of the new Flashman! As a 15th Dracon guy, well, they used a lot of the Flashman (and the Crockett!) due to heir SLDF origins. 🙂 Happy dance!

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