March 2016 — Dunklewälderdunkleflüsseschattenwelt!

No April Fools gag this year folks. Instead, we talk new product Street Dates, the latest Touring the Stars: Planet Bob, and MrsArbiter reviews BattleTech Legends Wolves on the Border. Then we’ll have a frank discussion on the BattleTech IP’s overall direction in our middle segment, before finally wrapping up with the Arbitration News Desk. Someone got a bunch of six year olds to coordinate this episode, Alligators in Florida, and a Special Interest Story from The Arbiter himself.

Thank God for Jim Sterling!

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All of this, plus the Arbitration News Desk! Arbitration, your last word in BattleTech talk!

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Bonus, Mrs. A now has a sweet Facebook Shop: Arbitrarly Yours

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Chatterweb BattleTech Podcast
The Chatterweb: A BattleTech Podcast
March 2016 — Dunklewälderdunkleflüsseschattenwelt!

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  1. I have to take a moment and apologize for the podcast’s lateness. Usually, it’s the talent that often falls behind when making a deadline, not the production team. Hopefully the extra nice picture of Bob will offset my shortcomings as the show’s horrendous producer…

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