UNITY, my brothers and sisters in arms, unity. The Age of the Mercenaries is upon us all!  In this episode of Arbitration, we’re talking about the MASSIVE Catalyst Game Labs’ info drop about new Mercenary Lance Packs, novels, and the Mercenaries Kickstarter set to launch in Fall 2022. At theContinue Reading

The last word in BattleTech talk returns from its extended hiatus, and we’re catching up on all the big stompy robot goodness! We’re talking new Dark Age Novels, the latest Shrapnel volume, newly released Salvage Boxes and the last Spotlight On. In our middle segment, we’re talking about the Tamar RisingContinue Reading

Arbitration November 2021 – Happy Jade Turkey Day! We return to discuss the next wave of IlClan Rec Guides: with Quads, Stout Beasts, and absolutely disgusting killers of the table top. In our middle segment we discuss the events of the Warhammer 40K incident at Talavera, and it’s meaning forContinue Reading

Arbitration April 2021- Trapped aboard the Evergreen. We got delayed this year on Arbitration, almost as though we were stuck in the Suez Canal.  Speaking of which we discuss Wave 2 Kickstarter Delays, a new fiction experience, the return of April Fools Products, and a deep dive into TRO Irregulars.  We thenContinue Reading