BattleTech Essentials

For our June Podcast on the Chatterweb we’re examining BattleTech’s biggest foray into the general gaming market yet: the Target Exclusive: BattleTech Essentials Box. After that we’re chatting about author Craig Reed’s latest novel, Elements of Treason, and then close out the section with a look at a big boy comingContinue Reading

The Arbiter’s return a for a BattleTech Kickstarter After Action Report!  We dive into what extras got funded, and what we can expect from the who, what, when, and how for Kickstarter delivery and campaign end points.  In our our middle segment we’re discuss BattleTech’s Alpha Strike Rules, and whatContinue Reading

Welcome to New Beginnings We’ve revamped the Arbitration Studios BattleTech Podcast to better reflect our love of of the BattleTech Game and Universe. The Chatterweb hopes to continue to be the last word in BattleTech talk every month, with new content, new features, and of course, everything BattleTech.  Join us asContinue Reading Moving Hosting

Hey all, KM here with an exciting rendition of the move two-step: OBT has moved. Yes, in a long overdue change, I’ve migrated the entire site and contents to new hosting. Why? Because I should have done this like seven year ago, but didn’t, that’s why. Also, the new digsContinue Reading